Welcome to the Future of Mobile Computing!

Deciding on a new computer? You have come to the right place. Consider the advantages of our notebooks and get ready to experience the power and freedom of Twenty-first Century technology.

The notebooks found below have been designed and engineered by the best and the brightest. Space age materials and the newest manufacturing processes make these notebooks sturdy, but lightweight. They are portable, but fully functional. They are beautiful, but low maintenance. They get the job done without wasting energy or space, and without tethering you to one room, one view or one locale. You will be able to work efficiently and effectively wherever you need or want to be.

Here is a list of a few more advantages.

  • Energy saving - our notebooks run on 19volts instead of 120volts

  • No files or folders left behind - everything you need is with you always

  • Soft screen - LCD screens are easy on your eyes and don't hold static electricity

  • Quiet operation

  • Clean operation - no dust bunnies

  • Low voltage means safer, lower cost of operation

  • Wireless network built in - connect anywhere within 300 ft. from your network

  • Small, integrated foot print - no special desk or keyboard tray necessary

  • Portable audio-visual system with surround sound - play movies in the car

  • Lower maintenance costs

  • Higher residual value than towers and desktops

  • Desktop replacement

  • Ruggedized with hardened cases, shock proof drives and spill-proof keyboards

  • Dual core processors

  • Toll free lifetime tech support

  • 3 Year warranties available

Configure and order your system on line by clicking the link below.

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Terry Hornbacker