Background information

Terry Hornbacker founded Public Sector Consulting (PSC) in 1986 in Springfield, Illinois. Before founding PSC, Terry studied Political Science and management at Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana and served in the US Army. In the mid-seventies Terry left Indiana to take a position with the Bureau of the Budget, Executive Office of the Governor, State of Illinois. His focus with the Bureau was intergovernmental relations. As Director of the Illinois State Clearinghouse he coordinated policy and solved problems between Federal, State, and local levels of government. The extensive financial and programmatic information in the Clearinghouse was computerized "in-house" by installing and utilizing the first mini-computer downstate. Among the fifty states, his office was one of three to receive a federal award for increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of grant-in-aid programs. Terry left government to start PSC, a general purpose business consultancy with a specialty in technology.

PSC helps company owners and executives solve business problems by determining the right methodology and technology to produce the desired result while saving clients time and money. By offering sound advice and tested products and services, PSC has benefited architects, brokers, lawyers, manufacturers, retail, and service businesses with value-oriented consulting. PSC offers technology "know how" at a fraction of the cost of hiring full time staff to manage a fast-paced industry with a multitude of products, services, and upgrades.

With the use of proven and affordable technology and successful methodology almost any business can achieve higher levels of profitability and owner satisfaction. Our goal is to aid in your success, while making your work easier, more enjoyable, and profitable.