We at PSC believe we can help you accomplish your goals. I say this without knowing you. I say it because we all benefit from good help. Good help is hard to come by. Our mission is to be good help - to give you the help you are looking for and need. As consultants our job is to use our skill and experience to benefit you and your business. We take on your issues and problems for which you pay for our time. We like challenges, to solve your problems makes both of us happy. We expect that there will be equity through this activity and that both of us will be blessed as a result.


Our working together is based first and foremost on trust. Mutual trust is a key ingredient if we are to work together. Without obligation, we will first meet or talk together and exchange ideas, history, needs, motives, goals and objectives, etc. We will identify problems. From this meeting we will or won't form a common interest, a mutual trust. If it is agreeable to both of us, we will begin working together. PSC is a general-purpose consultancy. We are deductive - looking from the big picture to the specific solution - is our approach. We will tell you up front if we don't think we can help you. If we feel we can't help, we will offer advice on who can, free of charge.

Steps Toward Fruition

After we agree to trust each other and work together we will follow these steps.

  • Define the problem as well as the intended result from over coming the problem

  • Determine the cost to alleviate the problem and terms of payment

  • Agree on the scope of work, goals and objectives and who does what and when

  • Discuss data collection and what information will be required of each party

  • Establish a time frame for solving the problem and reaching the goal

  • Look at alternative strategies and solutions for achieving goals and objectives

  • Pick the best strategy or solution based on available information, outcomes and cost

  • Choose the best methodology and technology to implement the strategy

  • Review the draft work product to confirm that it is a viable and good solution

  • Finalize and implement and then evaluate the result over time

Depending on the nature and scope of work these steps can vary from project to project. They are to provide guidance and good process and are not an end in themselves.

I look forward to talking with you about how PSC can help you. You can reach me on my private line at 217-629-9881 or e-mail me at TEH@gotoPSC.com


Terry Hornbacker