Graphic & Web Design
Designing and creating professional, informative and successful web sites is part of the comprehensive site development and management strategy used by Public Sector Consulting.

Database Development
Databases allow a web site to become proactive. Your customer has sales information at the click of a mouse. From dynamic page delivery to interactivity, we can do it all. A database allows you to easily store, maintain and report information how and when you need it.

E-commerce Solutions, Shopping Carts, Affiliate Software (B2B & B2C)
Public Sector Consulting has an arsenal of e-commerce tools and applications. These provide you with basic to full blown e-commerce solutions. We are also experienced in creating custom e-commerce applications, so if you don't see what you need, please ask. We love to be on the cutting-edge, which means we welcome the opportunity to implement your ideas.

Custom Application Solutions
Our talented team of programmers can develop and build almost any application in many different programming languages. All challenges and visions are welcome!

Translation - 6 Languages - No Software Used
We can translate web site text from English to any of the following languages: French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Cantonese, and Hindi. We use qualified, experienced, multi-lingual staff who have the language skills to ensure accurate translations.

Search Engine Optimization
When a customer is looking for a product or service they go to their browser and to a search engine and type in what they are looking for. Our company will optimize your web site for specific keyword phrases. We start with 10-20 words you think are good, and sample and test them for the best results. This will increase your sites relative position on search engines. This translates into targeted, qualified site visitors. Don't take our word for it, (you will find our word is good)! We e-mail your site rankings to you so you can see how your site is climbing on various engines.

Broadcast Faxing
Almost every business in the world uses a fax machine to communicate. Faxing is proven to deliver information quickly in a useable format. If it is an option you prefer over e-mail, we can accommodate you. You also might want to consider faxing: Sales & Product Announcements, Press Releases, Time Sensitive Reports, Technical Bulletins, and Questionnaires.

Shared Web Hosting
We offer web hosting plans for every budget.

Dedicated Hosting
Dedicated hosting is the next step up from shared hosting. Generally these plans offer more disk space, faster server access and more control over the server.

Corporate Email
Out source your company email and have the peace of mind knowing we have multiple internet backbone connections, power back up and the flexibility to create an email solution that fits your requirements.

Email virus scanning
Viruses are infecting home and office computers daily, even with the use of the most popular scanning software. We configure, update and maintain a redundant scanning system which scans your email BEFORE you download it. This takes nanoseconds and saves you time, money and offers "peace of mind."

Server Colocation
Do you have an existing web hosting server? Why not collocate it in one of our world class data centers located in Seattle, LA, San Jose and Dulles, Virginia? Ask us how we can tailor a package that is right for you.